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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Windswept Wednesday

Good morning!! A busy day ahead-ready to clean house from top to bottom. Also going to visit Laura for a bit this morning.  I've been neglecting her lately since mom has been in the hospital..Still snowing here in western PA.  And snow in the forecast for the next week!!
Too bad the Steelers aren't in th playoffs.  Football isn't anything important without the "Stillers".Time to start watching college basketball and Penguin hockey.
On Christmas I had Miles take the coffee I ordered and asked him to put it in the freezer downstairs.  Well lo and behold when I went to get it out 2 days ago, it was not there.  Miles has no idea where it is.  I am beside myself!!! He said I hope I didn't throw it away...oh my heavens I cannot believe he has no clue where it is...I learned my lesson with this for sure.
I've been making some really cool cards lately.  Can't wait to post some of them. I have gotten some really great paper lately, I would love to spend my day at my table making things.  I want to get a couple mini albums together.
But first cleaning!!!
Then my reward!!

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