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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday is for playing!!

Yes I want to play today!!! I have NCAA basketball on TV(waiting for football playoffs to start) and I can sit at my desk an play with paper! I am working on some older pics of my girls when they were young, also some of mom and dad and Gram Sherwin too.  What memories come rushing back when you work with old photos.  It is an awesome thing-memories are what keep you going sometimes.

This is Spuddie-he is the newest addition to my kitty children-his previous mom was my sister-she has Alzheimers and when we finally had to place her in assisted living she could only take one of her kitties with her-so my hubby volunteered us to care for him. (#6!!) He has adjusted very well to the family and he has a wonderful personality.  Yes I know we are certainly nuts- I never intended to have this many kitties but somehow it happened. I guess there is a sign at the end of the driveway that says-good home this way!!

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