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Monday, January 4, 2010

Mighty Monday

Another Monday morning, getting Miles off to work, and preparing to make a ton of phone calls to try to get Mama back to the local hospital for better care. I hope I am successful. 
I made 2 cards this morning and I have to get to Aimee's so she can help me set up my blog, and teach me how to upload my creations. 
The kitties were running around the house this morning...they must have a bug up their tails!!
I slept most of yesterday, my cold seemed to reassert itself and so the sleep was needed.  I feel some better this am, hope the worst is behind me.
Temps are cold and the snow is still flurrying.. 
I lit my Yankee Candle votive Sparkling Snow this morning...It smells terrific!! love the Yankee Candles!

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