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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snowy Saturday!

Early morning and the snow glistens under the moonglow outside the window.  Up early to get lunch packed for Miles...We went to see Mom yesterday-we didn't stay a long time since the roads were to get bad and we timed it pretty well-the roads were starting to be nasty by the time we pulled into our driveway--we were grateful to be home safe and sound. 
Mom looked pretty good all things considered. I read to her from the "Daily Pizza" (other wise known as the Daily Word) and we read scripture and prayed together.  I know Mama clings to her faith in the midst of this trial but I have had my doubts recently.  How can a just God allow people to suffer, people who have been faithful to Him their whole lives?  Are we just praying to the thin air? Is everything just a crap shoot? I just hope we can get mama closer to us next week so I can see her every day again.
I talked the "kitty talk" to her too--she asked how they were doing and I said they tried to jump into the car to come see her and they said to tell her "Meouwy New Year!"
So today I will watch some bowl games... can't believe that football is almost over again for another year. I want to print some pics and get a couple pages put together too. Maybe get a little cleaning done-Miles said he would hang some pictures that have been waiting for forever to be put up-Yeah!!! I do want to go see Laura for a bit too-we have been neglecting her because of being caught up with mom, and we need to spend an hour or so with her today.
A really cold spell is forecast for the next few days, a good time to snuggle in with a good book. I need to loose myself in one for a while. That's about it for now, more to come. Peace to this world.

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