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Saturday, January 23, 2010

End of another week

I guess since I haven't kept up with my regular journal this blog has become my journal of sorts.
I have picked my word for this year:
I will scrap a page and add it to my blog-all the things I should remember 
my family, my faith, my dreams, my hopes, my wishes, my goals, my plans, my work, my play. I must remember all the little things I have to be grateful for, I must remember all my blessings, I must remember all the things I hope to accomplish this year, I must remember the past, for when you know the past you can work toward the future with confidence.  I remember where I come from, I remember those who have gone before me and the example they have been to me, I remember the friendships I had in the past and in the present. I remember the love of my husband and the vows we exchanged on our wedding day. I remember that I promised to respect, love and cherish him.

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