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Monday, January 11, 2010

monday already?

Where did last week go? I am amazed at how life passes by so quickly especially the older we get.
Yesterday I went to see Mama at the TCC unit at the hospital.  When I left I  got on the interstate as I always do and only when I got close to my exit did I remember the road was closed from the exit before mine and my exit!!!!! Yes I was stuck in traffic (3 miles) for 3 1/2 hours, as every vehicle had to exit the road and travel a little road to the next exit.  Yes I am absolutely crazee
Thank God for my friend Mary Ann who kept me company by phone for well over half the time.  I think I would have panicked for sure.  As it was, I just kept kicking myself.
More snow on the way-bitter cold this AM

I thought I would introduce you to my family of kitties.  This is Domino, enjoying the the cat perch!
I have to take some pictures of my cards and pages and I will upload them too.
more tomorrow or maybe later this evening I will get some more things on the site.
Angel blessings to all

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