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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday evening

Yay!!!The weather is supposed to start warming up in the next few days-the temperature trend is the 40's for the next ten days! A welcome relief
I took Miles to the dr again today-he was so exhausted from coughing last night he couldn't even go to work, so we went and he got x -rays and medicine-I surely hope the night will be kind to him and he will be able to sleep without the horrendous cough.
I also went to see Mama-she was eating when I got there-cleaned up her whole tray-she looks incredibly good considering all she has been through.  Her wounds are actually healing fairly well. 

 This is my second oldest kitty-Idaho is 15 years old.She was my daughter's until she moved and then she became mine-she has been with me through thick and thin too-she was lost outside once for about 5 weeks-I thought she was gone-then found under the trailer I was living in-I think it definitely traumatized her for good-she has some issues but she loves to be petted.
I have to see my sister Lana soon-her friend is gone for 2 weeks and she is going to be lost without Alice to take her around to things at the assisted living home.  Also have to bring my Steph her and also have to go see my Aimee too.  If the weather is warmer for a bit I will get this done.

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