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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Last but not least!!

I've posted all the kitties pictures except Chigger.  Here she is-Chigger is Mile's kitty-she knows when he's coming home 15 minutes before he arrives-she is at the door waiting for him to pick her up and take her outside to sniff around; when he isn't feeling good she is right beside him; she sleeps next to him at night.
I went to Mom's care team meeting yesterday-I guess she has been crying a lot when we are not there-so we are going to try an antidepressent(though the last time she was on one she was a zombie) I hope it lifts her mood somewhat because she can't make progress when she is crying during therapy.  I went to therapy with her and she stood (with assistance) for about 45 seconds.  I just don't know how much strength she is going to be able to recover...the one home we were hoping for turned her down because she has a wound that is seeping clear fluid-I was so discouraged.  I hope we are able to find a good place for her close to Jim so he doesn't have to drive far to be with her. And I know her depression is because she knows she can't go home and that is all she wants to be able to do...It is breaking my heart.

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