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Monday, December 20, 2010

My Husbands surgery results

Just in case anyone who left me kind messages checks the blog- My hubby's surgery went really well-He had immediate relief of the back pain and slept the night after the surgery for the first time in a year.  It is now 6 months and there is still some residual problems-some pain down his right leg, but nothing like he was before.  He is now laid off-his plant shut down and he lost his job the end of September.  He is enjoying the time off after 39 years of working, but I think we are going to need him to work a little while longer.  But it is nice having him home-(after a period of adjustment LOL if you know what I mean!!) The laser surgery is definitely the way to go-1/4 inch incision as opposed to a  6 inch scar like I have!!

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