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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

My wish is for peace on earth this coming year-there is too much fighting  in the world and if only we could bring our sons and daughters home, we would be able to take care of this country and the problems we face.  Let's start using our wealth and resources to enrich the lives of our own citizens instead of trying to be the worlds policmen/fixers of everyone else's problems.  Enough is enough I say-lets just take care of the issues we face as a nation and get our own houses in order.  I pray that we remember what our nation was founded on and return to the guiding principles of our Founding Fathers (and MOTHERS) and use their wisdom to do good and care for each other.
I plan to spend a quiet evening at home with my hubby and at midnight shoot a hole in the sky for good luck to rain down on us in the new year; and also at midnight hang our three wisemen card over our entry door so the wisemen bring us what we need for the coming year. 
God bless us everyone and may there truly be peace on earth....

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