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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The day before the day before Christmas

Merry day before the day before Christmas! I hope you all got more done for Christmas than I did LOL!!! My intentions are always good but somehow the time slips by and most of my projects remain undone.  I know what one of my new year's resolutions is going to be.  Today I will probably finish wrapping and and get everything packed up for our quick trip to the grandchildren's for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  One year I would just like to have a quiet Christmas where we didn't have to run here and there.  But I guess that is what Christmas is all about...
I have a request to make if anyone reads this post. My daughter in law was diagnosed with a cystadenoma of the ovary yesterday-her doctor says there is only a small (15%) chance that it is cancerous. But it is very large (15 cm) and so she has to have surgery to have it removed.  Of course we are all very concerned and praying that it is NOT cancer and that everything goes well and that she does not have to have her other ovary removed.  So if you could say a little prayer today for her that the surgeons hands are skilled and that the biopsy shows no malignancy.
I will probably not be writing again till the beginning of next week, so
Merry Christmas  
a joyous and peaceful
New Year!
God bless us all-please pray for our nation, and for our troops, that we may end all wars and bring our sons and daughters home.  Please pray for peace.

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