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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Yesterday was my mom's memorial service-it was truly the most beautiful service I have ever witnessed-all my siblings paid tribute to mama, and Pastor Bill and Pastor Rowe both gave touching eulogies.  My brother Jim sang "How Great Thou Art", Rita read 2 poems, Rick had a great eulogy on "He wept", Lana thanked everyone for coming to mom's service, Dawn spoke and read from the Daily Word for March 25(from Revelations) and I spoke and read from 1 Corinthians- the Love passage.
I am missing my mother's voice, her phone calls, my visits with her... I miss how she was when she was healthy and whole. We had many, many pictures on posters, Jim made a DVD with pictures and music. All the grandchildren were there except Jolene(who had surgery on Tuesday but managed to get as far as Butler and couldn't come because she was so sick) and Melanie who started out from S. Carolina but had to turn around because her back was so bad...
My sister Dawn and I made the food(Dawn did most of it) and it was excellent. The brothers and sisters gathered in the sanctuary after and read the love letters Dad wrote to Mom--she gave them to me about 18 months ago and told me when she was gone we were to get together and read them. They are from 1944 and 1945 and they are truly precious...
Now my life has to go on without my mothers presence and wisdom-I don't know how I am going to manage; she was such an integral part of my life in so very many ways, especially the last few years-I grew closer and closer to my mom the older I have gotten and I wanted more time with her.
Miles and I planted 2 rows of vegetables this evening; he told me he thinks Virginia spoke directly to our Lord and asked him to give Miles a day without pain; because today was the best day he has had for a long time.  We will hopefully be able to schedule his surgery after Wednesday and we are praying that it will take away his pain.

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