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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Check out this blog  You have to check out this site-It is a fabulous read and such neat ideas!! I haven't picked my favorite one yet-I can't decide!! I am definitely going to have to order this book.  I have been blog hopping on It is their second anniversary and I just love their stamps-they are so cool and so different and not cutesy tootsie like some I see.
It was a beautiful spring day today-Sunny and cool and very windy.  Miles stayed home today because he had a terrible night-neither one of us slept very much-his back has him just about at the end of his rope-he has to have a stress test Thursday and then see the cardiologist next Wednesday-and so no surgery can be scheduled till then-I don't know how much longer he can take it.I wish I could take his pain away. We got in the hot tub for a while this afternoon, and it is the only time he gets relief-even the pills aren't doing anything.
I sent 8 cards to Aimee-she wanted some to give to friends and she has suggested to me that I need to get busy selling them. So I have to start investigating how I want to do that. I know if I could get a little business going it would help with expenses when Miles plant closes in July-I still can't believe he won't be working there ever again-it is going to be devastating to him.
Till tomorrow...

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