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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday thoughts

Waking up to a beautiful morning after a night of thunderstorms. I love storms at night when one is laying in bed listening to the sounds of the thunder and listening to the rain taping on the window-the smell of a spring shower is like nothing else!! I have to take my mom in law to her appointment this afternoon. I don't know what the orthopedic dr is going to do for her back-I have a bad feeling nothing can be done-her pain is pretty intense, and of course she really has no pain pills and probably doesn't want any either. I planted the pansies yesterday and cleaned up the shade garden bed and the sunny garden bed. I have to still do the bulb bed and the herb bed (and get some more herbs as they were all destroyed last year putting in the new drain pipe :o(  Last eve we put the 24 cabbage plants in the ground and the creeping phlox, so everything got a nice drink overnight.  I also made a page last night during the night so I am yawning right now. Whats sleep when you can scrap LOL!! I'll be back later...

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